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Does your outdoor space need a makeover, or are you simply searching for assistance with lawn maintenance? While you might be capable of handling some tasks on your own, the design and installation of new landscape features call for a different approach. To bring your dream yard to life or maintain your existing one, team up with a reputable lawn service provider like A & S Landscaping Services. Discover further information about our organization and the services we provide by continuing to read.

Exceptional Services We Provide

Lawn Care

Achieve a beautiful, lush lawn with our affordable lawn care services. We provide customized solutions including mowing, edging, and fertilization to meet your property’s unique needs. Let our professionals create the perfect outdoor oasis for you to enjoy all season long.

Leaf Removal

Don’t let leaves clog up your gutters or smother your grass! Our efficient leaf removal service will clear your yard of unsightly debris while promoting optimal health for your landscape. Maintain a clean and safe outdoor environment with our timely leaf removal services.

Mulch Installation

Enhance your yard’s appearance by choosing our high-quality mulch installation services. With numerous options available, we’ll help you select the ideal mulch to enrich soil, retain moisture in plant roots, and suppress weed growth. Invest in your garden’s vitality today!

Spring Clean Up

Refresh and rejuvenate your property after winter slumber with our comprehensive spring clean-up. We meticulously remove accumulated debris, trim overgrown shrubs, and prepare flower beds for new growth. Embrace the new season with a spotless, ready-to-flourish yard.

Fall Clean Up

Prepare your landscape for winter dormancy with our thorough fall clean-up services. Our lawn care specialists remove fallen leaves and debris from your property. Protecting plant health during colder months ensures an easier transition into spring rejuvenation next year.

Sod Installation

Transform your bare or patchy yard into a vibrant green space by choosing our sod installation. We source top-quality turf to ensure longevity and durability that exceeds expectations. Experienced in complex lawn projects, we are ready to bring new life to any property.

Snow Plowing

Stay ahead of the curve when winter weather arrives with our prompt snow plowing. Our professional team offers efficient snow removal on properties, allowing you to maintain safe, accessible pathways. Choose our experts to keep your life moving, even with all the snow!

A & S Landscaping Services

Lakewood Township, NJ 08701

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The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Landscaper

Seeking expert guidance from a professional lawn service provider adds greater value than you may realize. Yard care goes beyond tending to plants; it encompasses the entire outdoor area, requiring dedicated time and effort for each feature. If time isn’t on your side, leave the tasks to skilled professionals like us – saving you precious time and energy.

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Our Commitment to Quality through Our Landscaping Process

As a trusted lawn care company, rest assured that we prioritize your satisfaction through our results-driven services. We adhere to an effective process designed to deliver exceptional outcomes tailored to your unique lawn needs. By addressing any potential issues proactively, you’ll be amazed by what a difference our services can make.

Expanding Our Reach!

Wondering if our quality lawn care services are available in your location outside Lakewood Township, NJ? We’ve got great news – we’ve extended our coverage to neighboring towns! These include:

  • Lakewood Township, NJ
  • Jackson Township, NJ
  • Howell Township, NJ
  • Toms River, NJ
  • Freehold, NJ
  • Brick Township, NJ

If you’re located within our service area and seeking reliable lawn care assistance in Lakewood Township, NJ, don’t wait any longer! Connect with A & S Landscaping Services today to learn how we can help you achieve your lawn goals!

Client Testimonials

I am absolutely thrilled with the mulching service I got from these guys! They helped transform my once dull lawn into a vibrant, healthy space using some effective mulch mixtures. Their efficiency really impressed me from the start. Plus, they offered affordable lawn care, which was a huge bonus! Thanks to their fantastic team. Highly recommended!